In The Night Garden… Explained

Having watched In The Night Garden every night with my adorable little girl, I have been confused as to how it makes any sense at all… The characters are clearly bigger than the vehicles, until they want to go inside; at which point they are magically to scale… It is always day time. Everything that goes on seems a bit mad…. until I realised something. It all appears mad, because it is mad. It’s all happening inside the head of someone who has clearly been driven insane… and that person is… Iggle Piggle!

This is Iggle Piggle, in case you didn’t know:

At the beginning and end of each episode we see Iggle Piggle in his boat, floating aimlessly in an unknown sea. This is where, I believe, he stays throughout the whole episode, clearly driven mad by, presumably, hunger, thirst and lack of company. My reasoning is as follows:

  1. The opening voiceover (the wonderful Derek Jacobi) states “Round and round, a little boat no bigger than your hand, out in the ocean, far away from land” – This tells us that IP is lost at sea, with no hope of rescue (as he is very small).
  2. As far as I can tell, the only female is Upsy Daisy, who happens to be IP’s girlfriend. They are frequently seen holding hands and kissing – if you were to create a fantasy with only one member of the opposite gender, wouldn’t you want to be the one in the relationship.
  3. The Garden itself, seems huge. However, they seem to bump into each other very frequently; if you take into account the speed the Ninky Nonk can get up to, it’s a wonder they aren’t scattered all over the place.
  4. The aforementioned size issue, that disregards all manner of laws of physics.
  5. When communication over large distances is required, telephone handsets appear out of the closest object.
  6. Iggle Piggle is the only character who doesn’t speak.
  7. Iggle Piggle is the last to go to sleep. In fact, you don’t see him go to sleep in the Garden, we return to the boat and see him drift off.
  8. Iggle Piggle’s blanket is identical to the boat’s sail. This could be because he can still feel the sail and his mind is incorporating that into the delusion.

So there we are…. In The Night Garden exists purely in the mind of Iggle Piggle, driven mad by loneliness, hunger and thirst.

I am not the only person to have these thoughts, this blogger’s husband had a similar idea.

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